Level 2 Model Building - Sprint 1 Data hub model - Activity: Import from Data Hub to Supply Chain


Activity: Import from Data Hub to Supply Chain model There are the following instructions in the activity:

Set up an import into the P3 SKU list in Supply Chain model from the saved view in the Data Hub model.
Set up an import into the SYS08 SKU Details module in the Supply Chain model from the saved view in the Data Hub model.

I had a couple of questions.
a) A can there be a saved view for the list ?
b) I did not create a saved view for P3 SKU list or SKU Details module instead i did an import directly from the list and the module Will this effect any of the sprint 2 work ? Please advise



  • Hi Sunil,



    It's best practice not to import from list but to import from modules, so it's implied that you import from a saved view in a module. I'd read this as: "import from a system module into the list ..."



    As long as you have the correct outcome (list) your work shouldn't be impacted. It just won't be "best practice". Have you done a quick compare to ensure you have all values?


    All the best,

  • Hi @sunilramakumar 

    Another community member had the same questions a couple of days ago, so maybe you should put that in the feedback so @academy can revisit.

    As @MaartenGijbels mentioned the saved view is for the module, you import into lists from saved views.

    To directly answer your questions:

    a) No, Lists don't have saved views. Saved views are used to manipulate the data "displayed" in modules only. (**)

    b) It is best practice to import into a list from a saved view and not another list.
    I don't recall if this list/module will be referenced later and hence affect the rest of the sprints, but I know for a fact that the later sprints reference the work from prior sprints. I advise that you go back and follow the instructions. It would be a good practice as well.


    (**) Just for completeness, we can change the data displayed from a list using subsets, but that's a different topic.
    Let me know if you still have any questions.


    - Einas

  • Thank you. The data looks good when I checked. I was worried as I know the stories built based on these. I hope all is ok 🙂


    Appreciate the response

  • Thank you. Will do as advised

  • Hi Sunil,

    Good you found a solution.

    Good luck with L2!