Final Shipping cost



I have a question about the Final Shipping cost.

The figures match with the test of the shipping cost but the formula doesn't pass the exam.

I don't know what I did wrong.




  • adamsjk



    I have tried 3 different ways to enter in the formula, all seems correct final calculation, and the exam is telling me they are all wrong.  


    Other combinations I am given a dimension error.  Is there anything else you can provide?


  • Hi @adamsjk and @FPAnalyst 


    The issue might not be your formula. If you are using Any Anaplan extension to help with writing the formulas (indentation, color coding, autocomplete) then the exam may reject your formula copy/paste.

    Either remove the extension or just use a different browser to take the exam. That's what I did. 


    Also, @Misbah is right. Remove the word Module from all your module names.



     How did you updated the formulas for this session (3 3 6 activity test the shipping cost formulas). please can you help me out to update the formulas to get the matching figures.




    Hi, i stuck at updating formulas for below:


    The following formulas are not working correctly: 

    • Line Item: Confirmed PO Delivery 
      • Formula: OFFSET(PO Submitted, -Final Shipping Time Weeks, 0)
    • Line Item: Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt 
      • Formula: IF Confirmed PO Delivery <>0 THEN OFFSET(Final Shipping Amount, -Final Shipping Time Weeks, 0) ELSE 0 


    And it should match this:



     I have been struggling since long time on this.

  • This is what I did learn:

    A negative number in a POST does not post it forward....its posts in backwards!


    A great way of thinking about the difference between POST and OFFSET with regard to the reference is the following;


    Think of POST as pushing data the source time period to the target time period.

    Then think of OFFSET as pulling the data from source to target. 


    A negative in POST will push the data back in time while it will be pulled forward in time when used in an OFFSET