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I am building a Variance dashboard with line item subsets from another module as rows, columns to capture live data, snapshot version (past time period), variance between the two and finally comments.


I need to display all of these by Management reporting which is another list used as page selector. I am good until here. 


But there is a requirement to capture comments against one level above in the Page selector. While I understand we cannot enter comments directly except for the lowest level of the list, is there any alternate ways or work arounds to go around it ? Please share your thoughts.




Below is the list structure in the page selector. It does not have any Parent hierarchy defined for it. A standalone list.

Note: Tried creating a flattened list structure, I am able to enter comments but the challenge there is I am not to get the values using Lookup at the 'GTM Operations & Customer First' level.










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    I like this question.

    Just a simple idea, if your list is structured (not ragged) you can create system module at the level at the selector level. This will allow you to add a text formatted line item that can be edited. I'd have to think about how to get that sync'd with the selector though.

  • I agree with Jared that the best approach would be to remove the use of the ragged hierarchy and then you have multiple options. One would be to use the Textlist formula for aggregating the comments at a higher level.


    Using this method, you would enter the comments at a lower level, and then aggregate them up to the higher level that is desired. 


    You will see B1A1 and B1A2 are rolling up to B1A, and so on.

    I enter my comments into the lowest level as seen below


    I then make sure that my  System Module has a line item that depicts the parent of my list:


    I then have my comments summarized at a higher level that takes all of the inputs from the lower level: 



    I tried this with a ragged hierarchy and could not get it to work, but I did not spend too much time on it, so it might still be possible there as well. I know this does not answer your specific question given your ragged hierarchy, but maybe it will get you headed down the correct path. 


    It is also worth noting that Textlist is not great from a performance perspective and it has a limit of 10,000 characters in the output, so there are limitations.