Planual Explained - Day 2


Rule 1.03-01: Article 1, Chapter 3, and Rule 1 – “Only give write access to the lists when needed” This goes against “Necessary” element of PLANS if you wish to provide write access to the lists


Use Case: End users want to be able to input the numbers in an Input module on the Dashboard. Dimension of this module is Country

Here is how it was done in Pre Planual Era

When security was being defined Anaplan Developers/Mode Builders used to provide write access to the modules along with the write access to the lists





What is wrong with this method? Absolutely unnecessary! When Roles->Lists Checkbox is enabled it brings the concept of pre allocation in lists into picture. When enabled a 2 percent buffer is added to the list, and this includes all line items where the list is used. This means we create extra space (in memory) for each line item so that when a new list item is added, the line item does not need to be expanded or restructured.

When the buffer is used up (the list has run out of free slots) another 2 percent buffer will be created and any line items using the list will be restructured.


This buffer is not shown in the list settings in Anaplan, meaning if we had a list with 1,000 items, that’s what Anaplan would show as the size. But in the background, that list has an extra 20 hidden and unused items.

Pre-allocation also applies to list deletions but allows for 10 percent of the list to be deleted before any line items using the list get restructured.

Above paragraphs are excerpts from the article published on Best Practices by Anaplan Pros. Here is the link for the complete article


Here is how it should be done in Planual Way:





Keep the box unchecked in Roles->Lists Selection. This box should be checked only when there is a need for an end users to add any list item from the dashboard. For example

  1. Adding To be Hired (TBHs) in Workforce Planning
  2. Adding items when doing Capex Planning
  3. Adding Marketing Promotions