Forms - choosing parent options greyed out


I have created a form in our DEV environment and set up a form to add items to a list and has a fixed parent item. 


When I imported the model to our TEST environment and repointed the NUX dashboard to the new model, the form parent (either manually selecting or fixed parent) is greyed out and I can't work out why. I have also created new forms in both workspaces to test this issue.








  • Misbah



    Issues popped when we change the source model of any page esp where you have actions on worksheets. But this is something new - can you please

    1. Enable allow users to choose parent option

    2. Make sure you have all the required access in the test model

  • Hi Misbah,


    Thanks for your reply. I realised this morning that both lists needs to be set to production. In my case my child list was set to production but the parent was not. It was a guess and it appeared to resolve the issue when I synced my revision to the test model. 


    Agree that changing the source model of a page does weird things to actions and forms, it seems they have to be created per model and they double up but also lose their settings.