New UX - field does not show period




I have a module where I can enter end period for my business case that uses a customized time range (not model calendar)


However, when I want to fill in the data in the New UX, the values that lies outside of the model calendar are not visible.


For example. When I select Project April:


As you can see, the end date is not visible (however) the model indicates that Mar 2025 have been chosen and all calculations work.


Another example, Project Winter:



The end period is within the model calendar, hence visible.


Is there anyway to change so the "Fields" card in the New UX visualizes periods beyond model calendar?






  • Misbah



    Interesting. I don't think there should be any restriction. It should display all the years as per the time range.

  • bbolton



    Hmmm, so it works for you?


    I am wondering if it needs to be escalated to support for my specific model or if it's a general issue

  • Misbah



    Yes it does.

  • Hi Bjorn, 


    I don't if you followed through on this but I've had the same problem several times. 


    It seems this happens everytime you select a time period that is outside of the model calendar but is inside one of your time ranges. In the classic UI everythings works fine but in the New UX, it displays just "Find...". It does not have any impact on calculations, it is just a display problem. 





  • What is the calendar setting of the module in which the line items sits?
    If you are using a time range just for the line item while the overall module time frame is set as the calendar time this may be what is causing your problem.
    In the UX you allocate the module to the field card and I suspect that the module settings are then applied universally to that card.
  • Hi @bbolton@benjamin_audroi,


    were you able to solve this? Just bumped into the same. 


  • Thanks @benjamin_audroi, this is in line with my observations about Time Range. 

    I published grid instead of field, it doesn't look that nice, but shows the time periods correctly, it is quite critical in my case.