LM2 - Exam Question Answers


Hi Team,


I answered a question incorrectly on the Sprint 1 Exam (Delete List Using Selection) & cannot determine why my answer was incorrect. The exam does not provide the answers for you once complete


How am I able to determine my error?






  • @MarkTurkenburg

    What was the question? and how did you answer?

    You can take the exam again. Usually, you are allowed more than one attempt.

  • @MarkTurkenburg    @einas.ibrahim 


    We only provide feedback of incorrect and correct responses immediately after the question.  This is because we do not want individuals sharing any screen shots of the answer key. 


    When you do get a question incorrect, you are also given the link to the lesson that covered those materials.  You should be able to use that information to determine why you answer was not correct.   


    That being said, please do not discuss the exam questions on the forums.  We remind you of this at the start of each exam.