LM2 - Size of Model


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This could be seen as nitpicking but Anaplan seems to ask very specific questions on tests & hence I thought this was relevant 


In LM2 when it discusses the size of models it summaries by stating that Model size is calculated by Number of cells, size of lists & Format of Line Items/List Properties


But in reality should it not be: Number of modules/Number of dimensions used, Size of lists and Format of line items?


The number of cells is partially dependent on the size of the lists & hence it is kind of double counting this factor in the list?










  • Misbah



    Great question. To be honest calculating actual model size is much more trickier but for Level 2 folks it should be enough for them to understand .


    To answer your question - Model Size really doesn't depend directly on the number of modules that are created in the model. It is the line items that make up the modules and it is the cells that are counted within line items, ultimately it is the number of cells only that derive the model size based on the formatting of those cells. Add to it the list items you get to arrive at approx model size if not accurate


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  • Thanks @Misbah 


    Agreed it is number of line items (& format of) & the associated dimensions and the size/format of the those dimensions that drive the size of the model