Error Message display in Dashboard


Can we create a separate view for the error message while running any process and then push it to a dashboard? I want to create a separate view for end users about the error messages.




  • Misbah



    No there is no such existing functionality where you can publish it to the dashboards. However you could think of developing something in your model and publish that to dashboard. It might not be possible to showcase what were the kickouts but you can surely show what are the updated ones.

  • Hi,

    The platform doesn't provide that functionality, however if you are running actions via an automation tool you can get the log and re-upload it into Anaplan. I've seen that many times.

  • Thanks for letting me know.
  • @sandipsinha15 

    We have done what @nathan_rudman mentioned in all dashboards with actions to Import or export data.
    The way you go about that is in the automated Process...

    1. Create the import/export actions as usual

    2. Add an import action that will take the error messages extracted from the system you are importing/exporting to/from and "import" it into the designated error displaying module. 
    Unfortunately, I don't think you can take the messages displayed after running an action manually in Anaplan and "import" into a module.