Level 3 TAR 01


Hi I try to make a rate of PY Revenue by Product Family

In order to do it, I want to take All Products figure in PY Q total (120,580)

It didn't work to use PY Revenue[lookup: parent(item(P1 product family)]

Could you help me to figure this out?



  • Misbah



    There is a separate forum for Level 3. You can post your questions here. 



    However on your query please break your formula into multiple parts. It looks like you are not following DISCO. Level 3 has been designed in such a way that you follow all the best practices of Anaplan

  • @FPAnalyst  @Misbah 


    The level 3 forums are dedicated to asking process questions to the Unicorn Candy Company not related to how to complete activities the course.  Please review the 1.2 Professionalism & Training Integrity Guideline.


    Level 3 Model building is designed to be for experienced model builders who are moving on to the next level of becoming a Solution Architect.  



  • Misbah



    Apologies. My intention was to help @FPAnalyst  in a reasonable manner and to guide him thru various channels that we have on Community. I also wanted him to understand the process first and then apply technical knowledge based on the supplements that are given along. That's the reason why I highlighted the error in his formula which should not be done by the person who aspires to become a solution architect and is attempting Level 3.


    Completely aware of all the Integrity guidelines that we have signed up for in Level 3.