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Hi everyone,

I have a list of selective access for users. Due to the dynamic maintenance of that list from various sources, a sorting of the list items is missing. For readability, I want the list items to be sorted in the modules and on dashboards. I use a line item with formula CODE (ITEM ()), on which I set sorting. Due to the selective access on the list, this sorting does not work for users who do not have read or write access to all list items. Does anyone have a solution for this?

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  • Not much help at the moment, but a facility to re-order list items using a line item is in the works.

  • Yash1

    Hi @alber818 ,


    I tried to replicate your scenario. In 1st screenshot I have removed 2 items in selective access, whereas in 2nd screenshot the user has access to all. But in both the cases sorting is maintained.



  • alber818


    You are right, but my description was not entirely complete. It concerns L_Grootboekrekening, which rolls up as Parent Hierarchy in L_Projectcontroller.


    But the sorting problem arises in the 2 levels L_Project fase and L_WBS element

  • Sheethal

    This will be a very useful feature. Looking forward for this. Any visibility around the timeline of release?

  • Hi @alber818 

    1. What do you mean by "Due to the dynamic maintenance"?
    2. Is the sort you are seeking Static or dynamic based on another value?

    • Dynamic: For example depending on a line item value,  the list sorts one way or another.
    • Static: The items are always sorted in the same order and if some of the list items don't appear due to selective access then the following items will continue in the same original order
  • alber818

    Hi einas,


    "Due to the dynamic maintenance" means that the list is filled with new members that appear in several data import lists. So I import all actual transactions and then check if the WBS-elements can be found in the list WBS-elements. Any new item will be added to the list, but allways on top (or at the bottom, I'm not sure about that) in the group of the parent hierarchy. My hierarchy is 3 levels: 1 Project; 2 Project fase 3; WBS-element, so the same happens whith the new parents (2 Project fase). 


    The issue is that the sort at only level 3 can be fixed by using a lineitem in a module to sort at. But as the parents are in a different list there is no sort on level 2 items. I'm beginning to realize that the selective access is not an issue in this problem.

  • @alber818 



    This link might provide you with a couple of ideas. A combination of this process laid out by @StefR at your L2 and a sort on the L3 might create the view that you are looking at with minimal effort. There are also a couple more suggestions further down in the thread of that link that might work based on the specifics of your case.



  • @alber818 


    I agree with you. The selective access is irrelevant because as I said the value will just "disappear" from the list keeping the rest of the order as is.

    Are you ordering alphabetically?
    Also, are you looking to order Level 2, and within level 2 (level 3) you order that again?


    |------ 1

    |------ 2


    |------ 1

    |------ 2

    |------ 3

  • alber818



    Yes, that is what I'm looking for

  • alber818



    Thanks for your help. I read the article, it contains some interesting things. Problem is that I can't delete my lists because of saved historic data, but maybe the alternative hierarchy is the direction I'm looking for

  • Hi @alber818 

    I thought I had a solution using the order of Hierarchy totals/levels but I can't seem to replicate it now.
    Here is the best I was able to do based on my understanding of the requirements and also based on best compromises
    Assuming you have a 3 level Hierarchy, the lowest being the User Names. It seems that the normal course of business is that you have items added to this level 3 hierarchy and you want to ensure that the data is always sorted.
    Levels 1 and 2 don't change that often, correct? Then you can have levels 1 and 2 pre-ordered (Static) while your level 3 is ordered dynamically ( using sort)
    In the rare event that you add an item to levels 1 or 2 (which I assume only an admin can do (??), you can place the newly added item in the correct order.

    In Summary:

    1. Order Levels 1 and 2 manually
      • You can either do this in the list tree view (easiest and fastest, but only available to workspace admins)
      • From a module or a dashboard, you can select the list items in the order you want them to appear and click on "show".
      • Use the "Select Items to Show"
    2. Add a line item with the sort criteria you want to use, for example, the first letter of the level 3 list items (Use Name)
      • For DISCO purposes such line item should be added to the Level 3 system module, but since Anaplan can't sort based on a line item in a different module, this line item will remain in your main module
    3. Sort the module based on the line item created in step 2 (create a saved view and publish it to a DB)

    Every time a new user name is added regardless of its position in the original list, it'll be sorted.

    This is how the List looks like ( I manually ordered Levels Department and Job Title)


    And this is how the list data would appear in a module



    Hope That helps

  • @alber818 

    Just to say, if you haven't already found it we have released an action to automate the sorting on a list

    Details can be found here


    Hope this helps


  • @DavidSmith 

    It's a blessing. Thank you!