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I'm trying the new UX on a model where I already have a classic dashboards, and I want to migrate my DBs to the new UX interface.

In the classic dashboards I have the possibility to "select the levels to show" in a product hierarchy,is there any way to have the same in the new ux ? I want also that the end users of this model be able to select levels to show of the product hierarchy in the new ux grid. Is it possible?


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  • HalaBTB
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    Thanks for reaching out @parmod.kumar2 and @einas.ibrahim !


    The feature "select levels to show " in the new ux is only available for model builders, but in my case i want to give the possibility for end users to choose the levels they want.

    I will try the boolean solution to by pass this.


    Thank you for your help,



  • Hello Hala,

    Yes it is possible to select the level in New UX.

    In the module section page we will get a option to select the list level use in row or column.


    Please refer the attached screens shot.




  • Hi @parmod.kumar2 

    I try to avoid using the "Select level to Show" feature because it sometimes interferes with the synchronization. Instead, I use a boolean to hide the Parent. This way you can also allow end-users to select the level they want to see by a click of a checkbox

  • Thank you for quick response,


    Yes we can use the boolean also.




  • Hi @HalaBTB 
    If you have more than 2 levels the Boolean won't work - to fulfill your current ask.
    However, there is an EXCELLENT method published by @Mark_W_Shemaria , we have used it not only to Hide/Show levels but to also have formulas based on the level of the Hierarchy.

    I think it'll give you the results you are looking for to allow the end-user to dynamically filter the levels of the hierarchy they wish to see. 

  • HalaBTB

    Hi @einas.ibrahim,


    I tested the method published by @Mark_W_Shemaria and it works, I can filter, as a model builder, the levels of my product hierarchy. However, this method is based on applying filters, and in the new ux, end users cannot apply filters on modules, filter feature is only available for model builders 😞 .


    I don't see any other solution rather than duplicating my DBs, each DB is going to be prefiltered by each level (bottom level, aggregated level),luckily I have just two levels.


    I think that anaplan should allow end users to use also, the two features of "select levels to show" and "applying filters" ,it will reduce unnecessary development from our side as builders.


    Thanks again for your help @einas.ibrahim :),






  • HalaBTB



    Little update concerning this issue, the select level to show is now available for end users on worksheets. And it's taken into consideration by Anaplan on the NUX road map for boards. 


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  • I also would like to see this feature added to NUX.  We would like to move our end users away from Classic Dashboards to NUX but the lack of this feature is limiting their ability to create the desired view based on need at a particular time.  I would also like to see NUX allow users to hide columns like they can in Classic.



  • Hi @CommunityMember113856,


    each user can save a page as their personal copy (MyPages) and show/hide line items, add new cards, delete cards. Basically you can fully customize your dashboards as end user, much more capabilities than in classic dashboards. 

  • None of the changes my users name on their personal pages save so this doesn't seem correct.  There is no save as button.  When a users saves as personal page, it saves to the exact same as the original page.