New Retail User's Group - Invitation to Join!



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I’d like to invite you to a new user’s group specifically for retail industry enthusiasts with an interest in retail planning.

Our solution focus uses Anaplan and our mission is simple:

A single website where retail practitioners can network, learn, interact, and collaborate with other retail planning enthusiasts


How to Join

The pandemic has created many challenges for retail planning. The time is right to join others in discovering how to overcome and thrive in the new reality.

Join us! One simple step:

Step 1: Click on this link to join the retail user’s group. Click the pink button “Join Group Hub”. From there, we’ll reach out to get you started or you can click here to see what’s available.



  • Misbah



    Is it only for Retail Professionals or for everyone who is enthusiastic/interested about this side of Anaplan World (Retail World). Does that mean I too can be part of this with minimal knowledge on this side.

  • @Misbah 

    All are welcome of course! And, @Misbah it would mean the world to me to have your endorsement / support.

    We'll be focusing on the retail supply chain but as we all have a passion for Anaplan, we'll talk about anything!

    I hope you'll join us.

  • MagaliP

    Wow @JaredDolich , I am very impressed by how you have taken ownership of the group and added new content. I love the picture at the bottom of this article, very creative. Thank you for being so active in our Community, your contributions are making a huge impact on our customers 

  • Thanks @MagaliP 

    Your landing page was my inspiration.

    I use your landing site as the benchmark for the user group team and the broader Community team. Would really like to have a landing page like yours. It's perfect and exactly what I had in mind.

    We'll keep it as an aspiration right now, as we don't have that many users yet.

    Appreciate your support!