Level 2 Sprint 3 INV01



I see conflicting info regarding the formula for ReOrder Flag line item in the INV01 module.

The section that details the formulas for the "ReOrder Flag" line item indicates "Ending Inventory" should be referenced in the formula. 



Further along in the same lesson it indicates the "ReOrder Flag" line item formula should continue to reference "Suggested Order Amount for the Month" line item. 



I can't find where the instructions directed a change for the "ReOrder Flag" line item formula.  Did I miss something or is there an error in the text?  I don't want to run into issues later on bc of this..


  • Hi @niti,


    I believe it should reference the offsetted ending inventory. As this would be the case in a real world scenario. 


    In my experience, things like this are best flagged to the academy via email. They sometimes take their time but they ussually straighten it out for future purposes.


    All the best,

  • niti

    Thanks @MaartenGijbels for your reply & confirming about the formula, I will follow-up with the Academy.  Cheers, Niti

  • @niti  @MaartenGijbels 


    Thank you for emailing Academy@anaplan.com .


    I removed the reference to the Suggested Monthly Order.  There is no need to adjust the Reorder Flag after updating the ability to override a order amount.