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I'm trying to build all reports by using only NUX functionality and discovered that the items of lists / line item subsets change order when you hide / show some.

The parent / sum is shown at the top instead of at the bottom. In classic, I'm able to lock the order with show / hide.

Can this be fixed without building a saved view? I can imagine that this will frustrate end-users that want to build "My Pages" without a saved view.




  • Misbah



    Can you please share screenshot of what you mean here? As far as I know NUX display the list items exactly the way it was being done in classic.

  • @Misbah absolutely. First picture shows the original Line Item subset with sum at the bottom. There is one item that I don't want to show in a report because it's only used to map / calculate. In classic, I'm able to select all items that should be visible and "show" keeps them in the same order. In NUX this doesn't work. It instantly switches so any summary is shown at the top.. no matter which child items are selected as shown (see second picture).


     2020-05-13 17.00.27.png2020-05-13 17.01.05.png

  • Misbah



    Did a quick check and it seems to be working fine for me. Here are the snips


    Before the Show/Hide on NUX


    Change made 


    After Change




  • @Misbah hmm... look again. You have the same problem: Total crew and admin is now shown at the top. The rest seems to miss a formula / aggregation. You will probably see the same when you add a total net result that sums gross profit and total crew and admin together.

  • Misbah

    Oh yeah I see what you saying. This happens only when you have "Is Summary" enabled in blueprint mode. 


    Uncheck this boolean and parent will not be displayed at the top of the list


    It has been explained well by David in his article. Line Item Subsets Demystified - Anaplan Community

    Read final thoughts in the above article


    Hope that helps



  • @Misbah  Thanks for the article, but the problem is not only with line item subsets but with ALL lists that have a parent / summary / top-level. You can test the same with any hierarchies / list that have a summary / parent. The parents / summary items will be shown at the top and I'm not able to change that in NUX. This was simply possible with show / hide in classic and I'm wondering how it can be done in NUX without a saved view. Here is an example with a normal list:


    2020-05-13 18.49.16.png2020-05-13 18.49.01.png

  • Misbah



    That's weird. I checked it and it indeed seems to change the positioning.Probably a bug here while using custom views. As far as I know there is no other to way to use Show/Hide on NUX. Can you please log a ticket with and see what they have to say. And please share the findings here - that would be great