List Item reorder from Dashboard




I am looking for a way to reorder my list items from the Dashboard, or is it possible my List item can reorder basis the attributes available on another module like: D1, D2 and D3 are my line item but it must reorder basis there respective Deal Dates which are available in SYS Module. 





  • Hi @sharmagh 

    Unlike filter, you can't reference another module to sort, it has to be based on a line item in the same module.

    One suggestion is to create a numeric line item in your target module and use the RANK() function to order based on the source module (that contains the dates). then you can sort your target module based on the rank line item ()


    Also, you can use the sort in the dashboard the same way you would use it in a module.

    Let me know if you that works for you or if I need to clarify further.