Question: Level 1 Part 12 Create Saved Views

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I have a question of the activity part in Part 12 


How do I create a NA dimension in a module to create saved views? Thanks!



  • We recently had a new model builder ask about this task. I think it is not set up in a very clear way. You cannot have dimensions that are part of the module that are not part of the saved view. I told our model builder to just leave the dimensions set at their defaults for that first saved view and add the filter as requested.

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    maybe they are saying to apply filter on time using FCST moths only boolean, leaving other dimensions as is to create the view, saved view is a view of the module and will have same dimensions as that of the module

  • Hi @bohanliu 


    The instruction is not clear. What the instruction is trying to say is ...
    For this particular saved view, you don't need to include any dimensions in the Pages, Row, or columns. But that is redundant because a saved view inherits these "properties" from the module and we can't add/remove dimensions in a saved view.
     Read a more detailed answer in my post here


    Please include this point in your feedback form after you finish the course.

    For now, know that when you see NA it means - do nothing extra