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I'm coming across an error where for a text email formatted line item, email addresses are sometimes captured with %40 instead of the @ symbol. For example, typing in [email protected] saves as instead. When later line items with the MAILTO function then reference this, the generated email will be sent to, which won't be recognized as an email address. 


Has anyone experienced this issue previously, or has a workaround? Thanks in advance!


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  • prabhu
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    Hi @johndong ,


    The reason is because, "YOUR SYNTAX IS WRONG"


    The the datatype of argument "TO" in mailto function from Text-email to Text-General.


    Below screen shots will help you.








    Only the result should have text-(email) format, rest all should have Text -(General) format.







    After changing the data type.













    Sorna Raja Prabhu


  • Seems like this is a issue in the cell storing the mail id. Please elaborate how is the mail id fed into Anaplan? Is it data entry or imported data?

    Also, adding screenshots will help in understanding the exact issue.

  • @johndong 


     I have never encountered such an issue. Is it happening only to you or everyone else around you? Does it persist or does it go after some time? Might be worth logging a ticket with support and see what they have to say

  • @Sheethal @Misbah 


    The email is currently fed as a manual entry. I've attached a screenshot of one example - as you can see, the %40 is what will get picked up in downstream references. 

  • @johndong 


    Workaround is that you can use Native Users lists or Fake User list whatever your preference is and then extract the email id of the Users.

    However this issue still needs to be looked into