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Hi Team,


I find that sometimes Page Selectors published to a Dashboard default to a list item other than the Top Level item on opening even though the 'Use Top Level as Default Page' has been selected within the List 


How do you set it up so it always opens on the top level?


FYI - In the below example 'All Investment Cases' is the Top Level Item & 'BAU' is a list item




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  • anirudh
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    Hi Mark,


    Anaplan recalls the most recent user selection in a list and reflects the selection made across the whole model. So, in your case, only when the model opens, the list member defaults to the top level and subsequently once a selection is made, that selection persists during that session





  • Harsha



    When you refresh the model or reopen the model, dashboard will show top level when you select 'Use Top Level as Default Page' within the List.

    But when you reopen the dashboard without refreshing model, dashboard page selectors will show from where you left.


    Just Curious to know why do you want to show top level all the time in the dashboard?




  • Thanks @anirudh  & @Harsha 


    That makes sense - I wasn't thinking about the full model sync, I was only considering that the List items within a Dashboard sync