Model import



Does anyone know how to deal with this error?


  • Hi @Esoroori 

    This basically means that the model you are trying to import has a size bigger than the available space in your workspace.
    You can check the available workspace from "Manage Model"



  • Esoroori

    Thank you Einas -  The new workspace I am trying to import this model to has 130 GB available space. The model is only 107 GB. So what could be the issue?

  • @Esoroori 


    The current size of the model is 107 GB, but after your import, it will be greater than the 130 GB threshold.  I would look into a model optimization to see where you can save some space with over dimensionalized line items, creating SYS modules, etc.


    Hope this helps,



  • Esoroori

    Thanks! I used an archived model to be imported that had about 100 GB data and that worked.

  • To @rob_marshall point.

    I have noticed that the model size in "Manage Model" differs slightly from the model size listed in our HyperConnect model for example.

  • Hi, @Esoroori 


    This error happens when you try to change the model of an archived model and it exceeds the workspace size limit, basically archived models do not take up any size, however when you are changing the mode, its size is causing the workspace use to go over the maximum limit, so in order to change the model you need to archive other active models (other than archived) so that the selected model can be unarchived and total use of workspace doesnt exceed the allowance .


    So archive other models which are of large size, then try doing it