Dashboard - Default View for Users



Often, when I view the DB, it defaults to either of the following views:





If it defaults to the first diagram, I would have to change the page selectors so that it changes to the second diagram.

I would want to view as a default is the second diagram. 

Is there some setting that needs to be done to achieve this?


  • Misbah



    It looks like your Time Synchronization is enabled in the Dashboard designer Panel. Turn if off to see the desired result.




  • Star


    If the Time dimension is not synchronised, then it will not synchronised with the time at the page selector which we want it to. Below diagram showing Time synchronisation removed.




  • Hi @Star 

    I see the same behavior, I don't like it and I don't think it provides good User  Experience, but since the time synchronizes across the model, then when you open a dashboard ( or a module) it'll synchronize accordingly until you actively change it.

  • Star
    Thanks for the validation. It certainly doesn't provide good User Experience. We'll have to make do with changing of page selectors until this is resolved.
  • Hi @Star ,


    I would agree with both you and @Misbah . But have you considered an alternative solution:


    By using a input module and having the user make a selection within a Line Item, preferably dimensionalised by user. You could drive a filter module linked to the view. So your table would be time synchronised with the selection, but not with other tables.


    All the best,