Level 2 - Dashboard - Security

The landing DB for the

a) Product Family Manager is Global Demand Assumptions; and

b) Account Demand Manager is Detailed Demand Review DB


The Product Family Manager is able to open the Global Demand Assumptions and Detailed Demand Review Dashboards.  


1)  Is there any way for the Product Family Manager to open above both DB at one click rather than having to select open twice?

2)  If we want to restrict access of the PFM to Global Demand Assumptions only, how can this be done?








  • Hi @Star ,


    1) No, opening a dashboard will require a "click". (With an exception for the landing-page.)


    2) Users have access to all dashboards for which they have the necessary read/write permissions for all elements on that dashboard. So if you restrict their access for a module used they should no longer have access. Note: this is considerably easier in the new UX as you can set access by role.


    All the best,

  • Thanks for your explanation, @MaartenGijbels. Appreciate it.
    I am putting the details here based on our email conversations to close off. Please feel free to correct as necessary.

    1) One would have to click on each individual dashboard.
    2) There might be a situation that there are different Saved Views for the same module to be given to different roles. By virtue of having access to the module, they can invariably open a DB which they should not. But because they have access to the module, they could open it. That's why I asked if there is a way to restrict this access.

    One way to resolve this is to use the content panel to "guide", the users to the correct dashboards. (Not display dashboards that aren't relevant.)

  • You can open multiple dashboards with a single click via the functional area in the contents page. In the example below, when I click "SETUP", it opens both the Process Dashboard and the New Dashboard at the same time.





  • @johndorma, you mean both the names of the dB are displayed or both the DB are opened? Sorry for this being so particular as am a newbie..... Not sure of the ins and outs of the system yet.
  • They both open. You have to click the word not the icon to the left.

  • @johhdorma, indeed it works.  Thank you.  🙂

  • Hi @Star ,

    Hi @johndorma,


    Although I agree that you can use a functional area to open that. I would be very careful.


    (Mis)using the functional area's to act as an action button to open a set of dashboards can be dangerous:

    - a dashboard can only have 1 functional area;

    - functional areas are supposed to be used to group dashboards in logical groups;

    Both could be at risk.


    This off course needs to be checked with the user stories...