Uploading user stories from excel


Is there a way to upload several user stories through an excel file instead of entering them individually?


  • In principal data can be imported in every module.


    It's a matter of getting the file "right" to map every list and relevant line item. So it could be more work then benefit.


    In some cases it might be more interesting to manually copy/paste certain specific fields or parts of a dataset.


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  • Misbah



    If it is .csv file and NOT excel file you should be able to load the data in one go.

  • Hi @linabr91 

    If I understand you correctly,

    The issue is .... you need to upload multiple story details and acceptance criteria through the User Stories dashboard.
    Currently these 2 "line items" are published individually which doesn't give you the option to use Data-import for example.
    Solution: When you "Open Source Module" for either of those line items, you will get to the User Stories module. Using that module, you can create saved views and upload the data via an import.


    Hope that helps