UX roles: overview

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Updated July 31st 2020

Here is an overview of the different roles in Classic and in the UX.


Tenant Admin

Model Builder

Page Builder

End User

Classic UX

Disable and Enable Tenant users and assign Page Builders




Manage Workspace users and assign Model Builders and Users



Manage Model Security



Build Modules, Line Items, and Formulas



Build Saved Views



Build Dashboards



View Dashboards



Enable Personal Saved Dashboards by Model



New UX

Enable MyPages by Model



Build Apps and Pages for Desktop and Mobile



Build Custom Views



Manage Card Template Library



Build MyPages


Convert MyPages to an App



Manage Page access by Roles



View Pages


Share Pages


Export Pages


Create Notify Actions



View Pages on Mobile



It's important to keep in mind that these roles may not be mutually exclusive; a user can have multiple roles.

Contributing author Anne-Julie Balsamo.