Level 2 - DCA - Summary Method


In the following diagram, the FY18 and All Periods are displaying 30 as Jan is 10 and Feb is 20.  I would like it to display the total that I can view, i.e. 10 and if I can view Jan and Feb, it should be 30 then.

I tried different combinations of Any, None and All in the Summary Method and the results are either 30 or Blank.  Is there any chance of getting it to display 10?





  • Panji



    DCA just make you can view or input data or hide data, but in summary you can view all data,


    If you want to see data summary based on input DCA, you need to  create another line item and using formula 


    like this



    in line item headcount Jan And Feb using DCA





  • Misbah



    DCA doesn't remove the numbers from aggregations. It is only meant to Read/Write/Hide the cell data. 


    If you have any requirement like this - it can't be done within the same line item. Probably have another line item or diff module with similar dimensions and write the formula based on the access drivers. In your Input module hide your summarized values and show aggregated values in diff module.


    Let us know if that helps. If not will try and create an example for you