Import Error


Hi All,


I am receiving an error 'Illegal Argument' while importing data from the saved view of the module to the same actual module within the same model.

Error in COGS Final.JPGCOGS Final Failure 1.JPG


Please help me with the possible reasons.


Thanks in advance.

Sampriti Anand


  • @Sampriti.Anand has anything changed about this model? Did this model move to a new workspace or has anything been renamed?

  • Yes, we have moved the model to a new workspace, but this is happening on the old as well the new workspace.
  • I've had this import error before when I was doing a model to model import with some fairly large modules. The only way I could get it to work is to manually map the line items I needed and then importing. By doing it this way I was able to get around the Illegal argument issue. That said, by no means is this a solution and I would contact Anaplan support as it's been a pending issue to be resolved for me as well. 

  • Hi @Sampriti.Anand 


    are you running import via anaplan connect/api or from model itself?

  • From the model itself.
  • @Sampriti.Anand ,


    Two things to look at:

    • what formats of the data are you importing, numbers or No Data to clear, or list members?
    • Since you said this was on a new workspace, I would think about remapping the source 

  • I am trying to import numbers.
  • @Sampriti.Anand 

    I am curious. Why are you importing data from a saved you of a module back to the same module? what are you trying to accomplish?

  • Nivetha

    Hi @Sampriti.Anand 


    Just In case, I am able to import the data from the model-to-model from the saved view of the same module of any datatype. 


    Some Possible ways to resolve the issues:

    • Ignore the error message and re-select the new source.
    • Recreate the import action and make sure to refresh it often once the importing is done, irrespective of this error.
    • Use Model Mapping(Model Setting -> Source Model).

    This may not be a solution. I hope this helps in a small way.



    Nivetha K