The Anaplan Way On Demand


Customers, employees, and partners have been clamoring for opportunities to learn The Anaplan Way so they can complete their Model Builder certification. We now have a way for anyone in the Anaplan eco-system to learn The Anaplan Way free of charge, at their own pace, and on their own schedule: The Anaplan Way On Demand in the Learning Center.  

The course contains everything you need to know about The Anaplan Way, and it will take you about 12-16 hours to complete. During that time, you will learn:

  • The Four Cornerstones of a successful Anaplan implementation
  • The key activities in each of the five phases of implementation
  • How to work with customers and partners on a change management plan
  • The “Dirty Dozen” implementation risks that you need to avoid so they don’t sidetrack your project

Don’t forget, The Anaplan Way is required to become an Anaplan Certified Model Builder along with Levels 1 and 2 of Model Builder training. All three of those required courses are available on demand. To access, visit Anaplan Academy Learning Center, then click The Anaplan Way course tile shown on the dashboard in Featured Learning. Or, search the catalog for “The Anaplan Way – OnDemand.”

Once you’ve found the course, you can self-enroll. Note that you should have completed Level 1 Model Building before taking The Anaplan Way.



  • Misbah

    That is a great news for all aspiring model builders.

  • Dmitry


    Who to start the course?

  • adavila1

    Hi Dmitry,

    You have to go to the Learning Center to start the course. Here is the link... 


  • With some team members we've been through this course over the past week and found it a great addition to the on-demand courses that are available.

    The insight from the implementation individuals plus the videos from Simon Tucker really gave a feel of solid knowledge and learning.

    We even managed to get a good conversation going on the "remember the four pillars" recap sections and other parts of the course where discussion was worthwhile.

    Really excellent stuff!

  • Truly great!

    This is New Normal 🙂

  • Yeah True that.. Great Course with excellent stuff along with videos. 



  • What the difference between The Anaplan way and The Anaplan way - on-demand and how can I get the model builder certificate? I have completed new UX as well but i couldn't get access to model builder certificate