I am checking my modules and line items prior to the L2MB Sprint 3 Exam.
I have found 2 modules (SYS01 Time Settings by Week & DAT01 Beginning Inventory) with line items that weren't covered in Sprint 3 (I think).  I've tried to locate lessons in Sprint 3 associated with these 2 modules but had no luck.  
Can you please help me find in which sprint & lesson I was meant to add the line items highlighted in the screenshots below?


  • Misbah



    Last time when I visited this course, I am sure these line items were not supposed to be created at all. Infact when I checked, as I am typing,

    I found no relevant line items. Not sure if the course has been updated.


    @ChrisMullen Can you please help here. 

  • niti

    @Misbah  Thanks for your reply!  Will wait for confirmation from Chris before taking the sprint 3 exam.

  • First Day of Period and Last Day of Period were in a previous version of the starter model, dont worry about them.  I will update.


    Weeks only? is a line item meant for filter as a best practice.


    1st Week of Timescale? is used to identify the first week inorder to make sure you are bringing in you beginning inventory into the 1st week of the time scale. You can use this line item and a NOT in a formula or you can use the NOT 1st week of Timescale? line item to achieve this. 


    Produces SKU is a line item used for Filtering DAT01, it is not necessary for the exam but more of a best practice for filtering, you will not need it for the exam.  I will remove it to eliminate confusion. 

  • Hi @ChrisMullen 

    Are there different versions of the training? I too found some "extra" line items going through the same exercise but they are not all the same as what @niti found. For example, this is my DAT01 and it doesn't have "Produces" SKU



    And here is my SYS01, I don't have the first and last day of period but I have Weeks only? for example 


  • Those are the ones I mentioned in my response above and updated by removing them from the course.
  • niti

    Hi @ChrisMullen Thank you for your response.  I did use the 'Not 1st Week of Timescale' to filter 'Beginning Inventory'.  I'm not certain where I would have used the 'Weeks Only?' line item as a filter; I used the 'SYS00 Time Settings by Month'.'Planning Period Filter' to filter the weeks on the chart for the '3. Product Replenishment' dashboard.  Thanks for removing the rest of the line items.  Best, Niti