Disable data edit in Dashboard


Hello, I want to disable the editing of data in a dashboard. I would like to be able to edit the dashboard design, but not the data in the grids / charts that have been published from the saved views in the modules.


I have disabled the "edit" options in the menu but that doesn't prevent editing the data.


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  • Harsha

    Hello @nishantgarg 


    You can use DCA to prevent users from editing the data from the dashboards.






  • Hi Harsha, I want to be able to edit the module data in one dashboard but not in the other dashboard. So I want to be able to control this at the dashboard level. With DCA, I'll be able to control it at the module level and won't be able to edit the data at all.

  • Hi @nishantgarg ,


    As far as I know that probably isn't possible in the old UX. Within the new UX you can change that setting.


    The only way to do that in the old UX is via the security, but as you are an admin you can't change that for yourself.


    A possibility is to work with ALM. An interesting article can be found here. This would prevent you from changing production data.


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  • Thanks Maarten
  • If DCA does not work, then you could also go back to the Pre-DCA world and have an input line item and then a display line item that is the same format and has an equation that is equal to the first line item.


    Obviously this takes 2x the amount of space, but it would likely get you the view you want, and make it so that it displays the data without being able to change it.

  • hi @nishantgarg ,


    you can make identical line items and refer to the original line items as the formulae and then publish the new line items as the view on the dashboard

  • Misbah



    If it is the same module that is published at two diff places then I second @jasonblinn to copy line item and control but if there are two diff modules then you can control it with Module Access. Write Access to first Module and Read Access to Second Module

  • Thanks, yes, went ahead with the approach you suggested, DCA doesn't work in this case, unfortunately