How to match value in List with code


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Referring to the photo below

Suppose that there is a line item call YMD (value is 202006)

How to use this YMD to get the 'Test2' in List with matching the code (value is 20200620-2)  




  • @Leco1982 


    In your code, what is the significance of the "-2" at the end? Is this required, and if so, is it standard for all cases that we would match on the left 6 characters, or that we could remove the right 3 characters? Just trying to get an idea for if this is something that you are trying to match on as well, or if this something that would get left our in the matching exercise.



  • Leco1982


    We can ignore '-2' , let's change the value from 20200602-2 to 202006

    in this case, how can i get the 'Test2' with some formula

    in other word, if i want to match the value(one or more) in List, which formula or method should i use ?

  • The formula for this is FINDITEM(list name,code)

  • hi @Leco1982 


    use finditem function, finditem returns the list item based on matching code with text based property , so add lineitem which is list formatted to that list and use finditem('list name',ymd) to retuen the list item