Planual Explained - Day 12


"Rule 2.01-14": Article 2, Chapter 1, and Rule 14 – “Avoid using Select Levels and Filters together”. Don't use Select levels combined with filters on the same hierarchy.  It is a double filter and inefficient.  Use one or the other. Setting a Boolean line item in a System module with 'none' as the summary option will often achieve the same result”. It goes against LOGICAL, NECESSARY element of PLANS if you wish to go against this rule

Use Case: To display leaf level items amounting less than 100.

Note: Here I have used Two Level hierarchy and a Top Level for L1.

Here is how it was done in Pre Planual Era: We expect three leaf items to be shown after the filter.



Step 1: We apply the filter (not as per best practice)



Once filter is applied we see all the three leaf items (<100) are displayed but we also see one unwanted guest here – Parent level item which is also less than 100.



Step 2: In order to remove parent level from the grid we use “Select Levels to show” feature. We un-check all the parent levels to get the desired result.



Result Module:



What is wrong with this method? Although there are no performance degradation but it is considered to be in efficient, illogical and is absolutely unnecessary to apply both. Note filter too has not been applied as per best practices.

Here is how it should be done in Planual Way:

Step 1: Create a filter module and insert a Boolean formatted line item. Make sure you don’t change the summary settings of this line item from Default None to Any, All or Formula



Step 2: Write the logic for your filter. In this case Child Access. Example line item to be less than 100

Step 3:  Apply the filter



Result Module:





  • I like this one @Misbah 

    The more modules and saved views I build the more I rely on filters, usually built in the System modules.

    I so rarely use "Select Levels" anymore. I've had nothing but headaches with them with data integration actions.

    Thanks for sharing this!