Unable to paste values in text property of a list



Scenario - I have a numbered list which has some items already in it. I have to add some new items to this list. When I add, the items are getting created but when I try to paste the display name in a property (Text Formatted), it throws the below error -

Anaplan Error Message.PNG

This error is coming only for the new items added and not for the old items while pasting the display name. Also, this error doesn't come if I type the name manually.


Please let me know if there can be any possible reason for this.






  • Hello Somain,


    I could not replicate your issue. I could paste the display name for the newly created items.


    Unless if someone else is also working in your model simultaneously.




  • Hi @somain.gupta,


    1. May i know, from where are you copying.


    2. Are you pasting individual cells or more cells.


    3. Can you share the screen shot of your source (file where you are copying).




    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • @somain.gupta 


    Looks like another user is working on it simultaneously. Check the Model history to confirm that.