Synchronize Dashboard based on quick filter




Is there a possibility to synchronize a dashboard based on the quick filters used by the end user?


  • If 2 grids from different modules with the same dimensions and different line items are published to a Dashboard, is there a way to apply a Quick filter on any of the line items of one of the grids and see only those list items in the other grid as well?
  • If not, is there an alternative to this?


Any suggestions or inputs would help!

Thank you in advance 🙂




  • Misbah



    I don' think so. Quick filters can't do that job for you.If I may ask why the need to do so, what are you trying to accomplish? I understand that you want to filter a line item in another module based on filtered line item in first module - but Why?


  • Hi @KamaniRagaDeepthi 


    Depending on what data the end-users want to filter, you could consider having a filter module on the dashboard. Connect the filter module to both modules and display the data (filtered) based on the user selection on the filter module.

  • Hi,


    While there is no way to use the quick filter functionality to filter multiple modules, you can use another module for input (dimension, text field, time period, date,  number or boolean) and a corresponding boolean for your filter.  Below is a simple example.


    Line Items In New Module

    Input Selection: Strawberries (Fruit List Format, No Dimensions)

    Filter A: item(fruit)=Input Selection (Fruit Dimension)

    Filter B: item(Berries)=Input Selection (Berries Dimension)


    Module A (Dimension Fruit)  Module B (Dimension Berries)

    Oranges                                   Kiwi

    Apples                                     Strawberries

    Bananas                                  Oranges

    Strawberries                            Blackberries


    In this scenario, publish the input selection to the dashboard, apply filter A to module A and filter B to module B.  The last step is creating an action that refreshes your dashboard to update the filters once a new selection is made. Simply add an open dashboard action to open the same dashboard you're using and it will refresh the filters.


  • SwagatZS

    Hi @Misbah @einas.ibrahim @einas.ibrahim 

    Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Thanks for your inputs.


    To provide some more context:

    • We have two modules published on a dashboard:
      • Module 1:
        • Dimension: List 1
        • Line Items: Date 1, List formatted line item 1, 2, 3 and Numeric line items 1, 2, 3 (these line items don't change based on time)
      • Module 2:
        • Dimensions: List 1 and Time (Months)
        • Line Items: Text line item
    • We have been asked to put both the line items and the months (as line items) in module 1 but that will not be best practice as it would require ongoing maintenance every time the year changes and is also slightly tricky from architecture standpoint.
    • Thus, we want to check if it there was away for the user to apply a filter or a sort based on any of the line items in module 1, and have the module 2 should filter or sort accordingly.
      • If you have any other ideas to solve this problem, please do let us know.

    Also, please let us know if you have any other questions that would help clarify the ask.




  • SwagatZS

    Thanks @jamancuso for your suggestions. They definitely seem useful. We will try these out and let you know the outcome. 



  • Hi @jamancuso ,


    Hope all is well.


    We created the filter functionality per your suggestion however the client team has asked us to consolidate the information in one table instead of one. What that means is that we have been asked to create separate line items, one for each month of the year in module 1 which is not dimensioned by time. We are working with the Anaplan team to see if there is a better way of working this out. 


    Please do let us know if you have any ideas on how to best to build this out in one module instead of two.