Inputting product mix % via a dashboard


I have a mix of products which must always total 100%. When forecasting, I would like the ability for the user to either a) type in the product % mix, or b) increase one whilst simultaneously decreasing another (of their choosing) via a dashboard. If possible, could anyone help with how to set up point b?

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  • @JenniferMontgomery  Certainly possible! The setup will of course depend on the specifics of your requirements. 


    If it is a one to one relationship, you can create a line item when the user inputs the "offset product" and then use the SUM function to aggregate the offset amounts.  You would then create a forecast line item that takes into account the Product Mix Inputs as well as the increase + offset amounts.  Below is a simple example of how you might set this up. 


    Product Mix.PNG

  • prabhu

    Hi @JenniferMontgomery - 


    I assumed your scenario in a following way.




    Let me know if this addresses your problem, else please explain in much more detailed way and if possible share screen shots.




    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • Hi @JenniferMontgomery 

    I prefer the solution provided by @smithevan18It is also a commonly used approach in Anaplan. If you download the FP&A for SaaS model, you will see the implementation of this method and you can study it and replicate it in your model

  • Thank you, this is most helpful!