Transformation Data


What is "Transformation Data" in Anaplan ? What is its significance and in what scenarios, it can be applicable  ?


  • @RahulSahoo 

    I like this question because "transformation data" could mean quite few things.

    I don't know of any formal definition, perhaps others do but here's my take:

    • Data format transformation - this is when you need to convert a value from one format to another, e.g., text to numeric. Anaplan provides a variety of functions for this. My favorite page is this one which describes all the transformations possible. I would highly recommend creating a favorite link for this one. I use it a lot.
    • Calculation Modules - As part of the D.I.S.C.O. methodology "C" stands for calculation. In these modules you can convert data from various dimensions to other dimensions by transforming the data. A good example might be mapping your expense forecasts into their respective general ledger accounts.
    • Data Hub Output Modules - Data that comes into the data hub is usually one dimensional and needs to be prepped for dimensional output modules to their respective spoke applications. This could also be considered a transform of sorts.

    Great question @RahulSahoo . Let's keep the conversation going. Let us know where you found the "transformation data". Perhaps we can glean additional clues as to what it means.


  • Thanks for the inputs. This was one of the questions that came up while I was appearing for a customer interview for Anaplan implementation. Afterwards, when I searched the same, I found very few info on the same. Only thing I found was something I have attached as a screenshot. So I needed some additional insights on this aspect.