Import Fail - Invalid date or Timescale error

Hi Team,


I have a line item where the data is Imported from another module in the model


I have also created another line item in the same module which is set to No Data that I Import to the line item mentioned above to clear it before running the previously mentioned import action.


I have these 2 Actions in a process (1st is the CLEAR Action and 2nd is the standard import of values Action)


The Clear Import action is failing (as stated in the Action Report - see below for Screenshot) but it does work and clears all the values. The Process does not run the 2nd Action which I assume is because the 1st Action has "Failed"


I'm struggling to understand how the import could be failing as it is from 1 line item to another in the same module and hence there should be very room for error...


Any ideas on why this is 'Failing'?








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  • Harsha
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    In the mapping instead of selecting fixed line item from drop down, select line item columns. After that in "Cash Balance - Rec item line items" map line items manually.


    Reconciliation item - Blank -> Reconciliation item - Download 


    Ignore other line items.







  • jasonblinn
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    In your error message you can see that there were 8 failures because there was an "Invalid date or Timescale". In your mapping, you can see that you have Time set to the column headers and then you have Versions and line items set to fixed, Becasue of this, it is seeing it as a Time Period, and giving an error because there is no time period named Version or Line item. There were 8 failures in your message, 4 from versions and 4 from line items.




    As @Harsha mentioned, you can map the columns via the import. I would also recommend making sure that your saved view is set up to only show the line items and versions that you have selected in the import, and then when you select the columns to use in the import they should map automatically.






  • @MarkTurkenburg 


    From the SS I could say that there is mapping issue. 


    Could you please share SS for mapping of action and blue print of two modules? 




  • Hi @Harsha 


    Below is the mapping and the Module Blueprint (Both the source and target are in the same module). What I really don't understand is that the Action works - but I receive the failure notification










  • Hi @MarkTurkenburg 

    I am curious about something. Are you saying you are attempting to import into a Target line item (Format Number) from the Source line item (Format No Data)?


    Source (No Data) ==> Target (Number).


    Did I understand you right?

  • Thanks @Harsha 


    That makes sense, appreciate your help!

  • Thanks @jasonblinn 


    That is a great explanation as to why it wasn't working - I get it now!



  • Hi @einas.ibrahim 


    Yes I use a No Data Format line item when clearing out a Number line item. Rather than a Line Item set to 0 


    It just saves some space 



  • Hi @jasonblinn 


    I'm just recreating the error in a test model but I cannot get the Import to Fail like I did in my example above. When I run a process with an Action that has the same issue as above it will fail on lines items but it will not fail the entire import like above & hence will run the 2nd Action in the process


    Any idea why the entire Action above failed rather than those specific items?





  • @MarkTurkenburg 

    It is hard to say without seeing the details of the failure for the import that originally failed vs the new one that is completing with failures. 


    Originally it might have had another error that was fixed with the re-mapping as well. But to be honest, I am not sure!



  • @MarkTurkenburg ,


    By chance are you using the same view for different actions within the process?

  • Hi @rob_marshall 


    No I was using 2 saved views to run the 2 Actions





  • Thanks @jasonblinn 


    I'll keep an eye out in the future for any Action Failures and try and determine the root cause!