Planual Explained - Day 14


"Rule 2.01-15": Article 2, Chapter 1, and Rule 15 – “Filters in separate modules”. Try and keep filters in separate System modules. They can then be reused for different modules.  In the notes section list where this filter is used to prevent accidental deletion”. It goes against Auditable & Necessary elements of PLANS if you wish to go against the rule

Here is how it was done in Pre Planual Era: Filters applied on any modules used to be created & kept in the same module. Filter used to be module specific meaning if there was ever a need to display current month figures again, another line item with the same formula used to get created. A module having a timescale of one full year including quarter totals and full year totals being filtered upon Current Month.


First Module:






Second Module:


What is wrong with this method? It is unnecessary to make filters module specific. Two line items have been created in two different modules to do the same thing. It also becomes tedious to audit each and every filter for every module

Here is how it should be done in Planual Way: Create centralized filter modules and then reference the filters throughout the model. In our example it is recommended that we create time filter module which can be referenced in almost every module as and when needed.


Caution: Filter line items, when used, are not being documented in the model if they have been referenced anywhere. For example below line item from Time Module has been used as a filter.


But the filter line item shows it has NOT been referenced anywhere. Although it is true that it has not been referenced in any other line items but the fact is that it is still in use to filter other modules.



Hence in order to avoid accidental deletion of such line items, it is highly recommended that you add notes to such line items





  • Maybe we should suggest that references to filters should be added to Anaplan. Same as Saved Views. It's very useful to know where an item is being referenced.

  • Misbah

    @einas.ibrahim I guess it will be tricky for them to have such a feature. Usually "Referenced by" shows line items where it has been referred but for filters you have to show module names and/or dimensions it has been applied upon. Nonetheless nice call out, you post it on idea exchange forum. Will see if it gets enough upvotes.

  • @einas.ibrahim ,


    I agree with @Misbah, great idea.  I think there is a valid reason why that is not currently in there, but again, I am walking way out on a limb that is fairly flimsy.  Unlike modules with line items, views are "built" or are activated when they are called upon or used.  Due to this, the reference by will be blank until it is "activated".


    Hope this helps,



  • Thanks guys,

    It doesn't matter how or where we provide the information, the point is it is needed. 


    You both remind me of some of my customers. if they are a bit technical then they try to tell me how to implement something instead of telling me what they need or the functionality 😁