How to rename the Time from Week 1 FY 20 1-Jan-2020 to 7-jan-2020

Hi Guys, 


Is there a possibility to rename the TimeScale from  Week1 Fy20  to 1-Jan-2020 to 7-Jan-2020




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  • Depending on which version of week you are using you can select from 3 different naming conventions in the Week Format section of the time settings.



    Week Number, which is what you currently are seeing



    Week Commencing, which gives you the start date of the week



    Week Ending, Which gives you the end date of the week




    There Is no way to choose a custom naming convention to the time periods currently unless you wanted to create a fake time list and not use the native time dimensions in Anaplan. To do this, you would need to understand all of the pros and cons of doing so based on your use-case and model. The naming convention would not be a good enough reason to use fake time in my opinion as there a lot of things to consider. 

  • Hi Jason, 


    I think the Week ending will work for me as of now. 


    Thanks for the solution details, much appreciated.