Level 2 Sprint 3 - Activity:Review the Completed Stock Exception Review Dashboard


For those of you who recently did or still doing MB L2 S3. A screenshot of the activity: Review the Completed Stock Exception Review Dashboard is below

It says at the top "Use this example Stock Exception Review dashboard to check your work. Don't worry about the values. Soon, I will share a file with you that includes the ordering schedule. "
  • Does this mean I should not compare my data to the data in the dashboard grids?
  • Did you actually get that Ordering Schedule file?




  • Update/Solution

    To answer the questions in the post
    1. No, these figures are not meant to be the actual figures to compare against as in previous activities in the sprint(s)

    2. You will get the file mentioned, just be patient. Not having the file up to this point is not an issue to worry about.

    Good luck to all