Import Data Between SSO Enabled Workspace & Non-SSO Workspace


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I know that we can import the data from different workspace. My question here is "What will happen if SSO setting is different between the those?".



Workspace A→SSO enabled

Workspace B→Non-SSO

→Can we import the data successfully or it will fail?

*Both workspace are in the same tenant.




Mao Ninomiya


  • Hi Mao,


    If it's the same tenant I do not see why this wouldn't work. When the user is logged in, they see both workspaces no?


    The easiest way to determine it is to try.


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  • @MaartenGijbels 

    Thanks for your reply. 

    What do you think if an import is done by Anaplan Connect? (Not any button in a dashboard)


    *I wish I could try and test. But, I don't have such test environment (That's why I created the topic).



  • Hello,


    I'm not familiar enough with the technical aspects of Anaplan Connect to answer that. I know the authentication in A.O. is different for a "normal" workspace and SSO. So there could be an impact.


    But again, the only way to be sure is to test it. You could also reach out to support ( to ask the question. They might have more information on the background.

  • @MaoNinomiya 


    SSO is assigned at a user level, so there should be no issue with having data flow from one model to another with one having a user with SSO enabled, and another without.


    In regards to Anaplan Connect, the user that is set up in the Authentication of the Anaplan Connect Script must be a Non-SSO user. Even in customers where all users have SSO, they will typically create an admin email (E.g.: ) and this user will be an exception user and will not have SSO enabled. 


    Hope this helps,