Level 2 - Conclusion - INV05 and DEM04 - Import with Subsidiary View



In importing from INV05 and DEM04 (both having Subsidiary Views which are used for mapping) via 'Connect to Anaplan Model', I tried different Saved View pivotings until I successfully imported from a Saved View with no page selector.

Based on the various tries above, my observation is that the Saved View must not contain page selector in order such import to work.  I hope this is not the case due to the number of rows that can potentially be generated (row limit per module?).  Grateful for ideas from the community for further understanding 😊



  • Hi @lps 


    What was the error that you were receiving when you tried the import from your original saved views? Would you be able to share some screenshots of your saved view and the mapping page of your import? You should be able to import with page selectors in your saved view. 

  • lps


    Below the screenshots.

    E.g. DEM04



    FP&A model

    The Location and SKU Codes are in Column 3.



  • Hi @lps 


    Thanks for providing the screenshots. In this situation, you will have to pivot your view slightly to get his import to work but you do not have to put all dimensions on the rows and columns. As you can see your location and SKU dimensions automatically dropdown to the rows in your import mapping. However, you will have to move your line items dimension to the columns because you have to map the dimensions in your target module to the line items in separate columns and you can't do that when they are in your rows. Additionally, you can move any combination of your other dimensions to the rows, but you don't need to pivot all of them down.


    I hope this helps!

  • lps



    Below is the Saved As another view to be imported in FPA.  In FPA, only All Regions data are read (as per mapping screen) .  As expected, when this 'Run Import' was clicked, the import failed.  






  • Hi @smithevan18 ,


    After doing all the steps you mentioned, I am still unable to get the desired line items as Columns in the mapping to import data into Data02 SKU Volumes and hence receiving a failure on import. Request your help to resolve this.

  • Hi @Karan.dhanak 

    I would check to make sure your saved view saved correctly or that your import is selecting on the correct saved view. From your import screen, it looks like your time dimension is still on the columns. 



  • Hi @smithevan18 ,


    I created a new saved view and tried to import and it worked fine now.


    However, I want to understand why didn't it work previously. Earlier, i just saved the layout like you had suggested as the default module layout and was importing from the module rather than create a new layout and import from saved layouts. Would that be causing the issues? If yes, I would like to understand the reasons.


    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi @Karan.dhanak 

    I'm not exactly sure why your import from the module didn't work if you saved the view as the default. It might be that the module import will import the original pivot no matter what the default saved view is. Either way, I would always recommend importing from a saved view, even if the saved view is the same as the default view. This is because the default view has a higher possibility of being changed by another user, while someone saving over the saved view is a lot less likely. Hope that helps!


  • Hi -


    I have pivoted, left the lowest levels for SKU and Location however and filtered as per your suggestion. However, i am not getting the same view as you. With New Your and Jan 20 selected, i still see a full list of all of the SKUs, and I should be seeing SKUs for NY only, correct? What could I be doing wrong?

    thank you 


    Demand Import.PNG

  • hi @sdavidko 

    I would check your Demand formula. It looks like you have data in there that should be 0 for a lot of those SKUs. Hint, you might be missing a sum.

  • @smithevan18  thank you for your prompt reply. My Demand formula is just pulling Demand Final Forecast from DEM03. For some reason however, I cannot get the Location page selector to work so that it only gives me SKUs for the given location.

  • @smithevan18  I guess, I dont understand why are you pulling WEEK data (which is in DEM03) into MONTH (DEM04) of Jan 2020, why one week of final demand is populated and presented as Monthly demand?

  • Hi @sdavidko 


    When you pull from a weekly timescale into a monthly timescale, if you have your summary methods turned on, Anaplan will automatically aggregate up to the monthly amount. So your monthly module (Dem 04) should be using the monthly data that is in your weekly module (DEM 03). I think you're potentially missing the sum on the locations dimension because that is the added dimension in your source module. Hope that helps!

  • Hi 

    @smithevan18  in my Demand formula, I am pulling from DEM03 final forecast and summing by Locations details from account details. However, i am still not getting the numbers you had on your screen shot. 

  • Hi @smithevan18 


    Didn't understand the meaning of below sentence


     I hide all levels in the SKU and Location lists except the lowest level. You can do this by pivoting your dimensions to the rows and manually reselecting only the lowest level of each dimension. Then I pivoted the locations back up to page selectors. 


    Do we need to manually select EN(Lowest level) for all SKU & Location combination manually? Please Guide me on this.

  • Hi @kunal_311 


    What I meant by that was you have to hide all your summary levels by utilizing the "Select Levels to Show" functionality in Anaplan. You can only do that when your dimension is pivoted to your rows or columns. So you should pivot all your dimensions off of your page selectors and manually select just the lowest level of your hierarchy. Let me know if that helps clarify. 

  • Hi @smithevan18 


    I have selected the lowest level for SKU & Location as my first step but I am not getting results as per your Screenshot. i.e All EN SKU & I am getting demand value as sum of all weeks as we need to select Months time scale and also the summary in DEM03 Final forecast line item is "SUM". Am I doing something wrong?




  • hi @sdavidko 


    Did you get the solution of the location disabling problem as i am facing the same issue?

  • Hi Evan,


    Thanks for the detailed info.


    I was able to create the Saved view exactly as you showed.


    However, when I try to import into FP&A, SKU Code and Location Code columns show up as blank.





    Appreciate any inputs.






  • HI @hpatel 

    I believe this is because you are looking at "All Regions" in the L3 Location list in your import view, which shouldn't cause a problem with your import. When you run the import it should still import your demand values. 


    However, if you want to make your import more efficient, I would remove all summary levels from your saved view. In your saved view, I would pivot your L3 locations down to your rows, and in "Select Levels to Show" I would uncheck all levels except the L3 Location Level. Then Pivot it back up to be a page selector and resave the view. You should then hopefully see the location and SKU codes in your import view.