Dashboards - Landing Page and Master View



Is it possible to provide more than one:

1)  landing page to one group of users?

2)  master view to one group of users?


I am asking this for knowledge enhancements and would like to hear from the community how these are addressed.



  • Hi @lps 
    Each model role can have only one landing dashboard. This is the default dashboard that will open when user assigned that role enter the model.

    Each dashboard can have only one master view (and one personal view for each user if enabled). You do have the ability to create multiple dashboard using the same modules if you want to provide different master views. For example, perhaps one dashboard shows only summary levels whereas another is for inputs and shows the lowest level of a hierarchy.

  • @lps 

    Just to add to @Tiffany.Rice comment.

    I will typically add a navigation bar on the left of the dashboard by role. This allows the user to navigate within their respective wokflow.

    Here's an example:


    Home Page by role:



    Navigation Bar on the left