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Hi Team,


Reading on Anapedia that when you export using the Tabular Multiple Column option and use the Boolean filter options that if those Boolean filters overlap then both criteria must be met for cells to be exported


I created a very simple test where I created 2 Boolean line items for Product Family & have Chocolates set to TRUE on Filter 1 line item and False on Filter 2 line item & hence I would expect Chocolates to not be exported but it is


Any idea how this could occur when only 1 of the Boolean criteria is satisfied?


Filter 1


 Filer 2


Export Module


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  • jasonblinn
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    Hey @MarkTurkenburg 

    My understanding of the overlapping arguments that you mention is that of the filters has to be multidimensional for the requirement to be met in both cases. Since in your example, there is only one dimension in your filters, and it is the same on both, then it will export what you have checked.


    For Example:

    If you had Filter 1 dimensionalized by Month and Product (Introducing the second dimension of TIME) and had every other month checked for chocolates, and the opposite months checked for sours:



    And Filter 2 was exactly as you have it now with only products, and we check Chocolates: 



    In filter 1 we have time and Products and in filter 2 we only have products. The product portion needs to be met in both filters to be exported.  Despite having every other month selected for Sours, none of them will be exported since the criteria are not met for both filters. We will only see Chocolates exported. 




    I have used this type of export in many cases when exporting very large sets of data. It is a very efficient way to filter the data since it is not applied anywhere in the model (dashboard or saved view) it is not taxing the performance of the model unless the export is called on to run. In my experience, I have typically just written the formulas so that I have one filter by combining multiple together instead of needing two. 


    Happy to try to provide more context or examples if you have follow up questions!




  • @MarkTurkenburg 

    I was watching this post with great interest but no one answered.

    To be honest, I've never gotten those filters to work on multi-column. Not even one filter.

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to defer to the pros on this one.

    Anxious to learn more. Hopefully we can get an answer.


    My workaround was to just use a saved view with the filters I wanted. If the number of dimensions exceeded 3, I concatenated one or two of them together so they would fit.

  • prabhu

    Hi @MarkTurkenburg


    Export using two overlapping filters will work fine, if 2 modules (Product Family filter 1, Product Family filter 2) has different dimension, not the same.


    The problem of using 2 modules (Product Family filter 1, Product Family filter 2) with same dimension is,

                          the filter (Filter Rows Based upon Boolean Line Item) which you have mentioned while exporting takes first condition (Product Family Filter 1) as priority, and it is not evaluating with second condition (Product family filter 2).







    So, if you want to you 2 overlapping filter, select the conditions which has different module as a dimension.


    Hope it helps,



    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • Thanks @jasonblinn !


    Yes that makes sense now, I should of kept reading the Anapedia article! 


    Appreciate the context you use this filter & why in a professional setting. Makes it a easier to digest the concept





  • Hi @JaredDolich  - I think @jasonblinn has the answer we need


    Give that a go and see if it works for you


    Good luck