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I have data using List L3 but in next month(Feb 20) the structure will be change, but structure and data in previous month(Jan 20) not impact, like a picture bellow




can we do that in anapan?






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  • Misbah
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    It is a typical example of Effective Dating use case where in you store the history for the change. Please go thru this video tutorial - 311 and see if this helps


    Effective Dating - Anaplan Community

  • rob_marshall
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    @Misbah ,


    It can be done with filters, but you are also correct it can be done using effective dating, it depends on the use can and what is moving as in what level.  If you want to use filters it can be done in the below manner:


    I have a hierarchy that is theoretically 9 levels deep, L1->L9, but in this case, I want my hierarchy to stop at L8 and then by "L9" is actually all detailed members in a flat list.




    Create a module (Assigning Parent) that is dimensionalized by L9 Flat and Time as this will show the "movement" of the L9 member.  In this module, I have two input line items, Parent and Data.




    In a 2nd module, I have what could be a fairly large module which is dimensionalized by L8, L9 Flat, and Time with the following line items:

    Data: Assigning Parent.Data

    Filter?: CODE(ITEM('CC L8')) = Assigning Parent.Parent Code


    Note, if this was done according to best practice, I would have created the code in a SYS L8 Properties module instead of doing the code here and just referenced that line item.  Reason being, "figuring" out the code of L8 as I have it is actually over dimensionalized as the code of L8 will not change over time nor CC L9 Flat.





    Create a 3rd module named Time Dependent - Summary dimensionalized by CC L8 and Time with one line item Data.

    Data= Assigning Parent.Data[SUM: Assigning Parent.Parent]




    Now on the old UI, you can publish the all three



    On the Time Dependent Data module, create a view based on Filter?



    So now, the only data that will be shown and calculated will be based on the "input" of the parent information entered in the Assigning Parent module.



    So, what is so slick about this, there are no actions created at all, just filtering on data that has been entered as the "parent".  This won't work for every instance of effective dating, but it will work on most.


    You can then get "fancy" and create an action at the beginning of the month to copy the previous months assignments to the new month, and then if there are changes, you just modify the changes.




    So after I run it:



    Hope this helps,




  • Yash1

    Hi @Panji ,


    This can be easily handled by Filters. You can put a filter with Value <>0 , So in January since the value is 0, your view would show the desired result, whereas in Feb once the data comes, it will automatically update.


    Let me know if this helps.




  • Misbah



    It is not about the filters, it is about changing the list structure. How are you going to update the list month over month (meaning a child item has one parent in one month and another parent in next month)  and retain the list structure for the previous month. 


    Go thru 311 Video Tutorial. I am sure it will be helpful to you as well


  • Panji



    Thankyou @Misbah and @Misbah to answer


    now i have 2 option to create like my problem