Issue in Tabular Multiple Column Export Format


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I am facing an issue while exporting data from a dashboard by selecting Tabular multiple column export option. Although the table on the dashboard has been published by creating a saved view(i.e. by selecting 'Show Selected Line Items only' option). However, while exporting the data in tabular multiple column(.csv) format the other line items which are not visible on the dashboard or the saved view are also getting retrieved.


Further Information: The grid view format retrieves the desired line items only but do not suffice the user purpose.Hence a solution is required around tabular multiple column export format and the data can also not be retrieved in(.xls)  format as it shows too many rows error therefore it can only be obtained (.csv) format.


Please help me around this.






  • @CommunityMember131357 


    I have run into this before, and my solution was to put the line items that I don't want to export into a separate module. This way, I only the line items that I do want to export in the module itself. 


    I attempted to create a line item filter with a Line item subset to see if that could be applied in the export filter but was unsuccessful in making that work, so my recommendation is to have it in a separate module. 



  • Hi @jasonblinn 


    Thanks for replying but do you have any idea around why is this happening because I have other modules also where we have published the saved views and the tabular multiple column format retrieves only the desired line items.

    Any specific thing that results into this issue?

  • I believe it is because you cannot use Show/hide, omit or view filters in addition to a filter in the export. You have to choose one or the other. 


    So if you apply a filter, show or hide columns, and then also apply a filter in the export definition itself, then the export filter will take precedence and the saved view configuration will not apply.

  • Hi @jasonblinn,

    We have created the saved view by not applying any filter but are using 'select levels to show' (to show only selective levels of the hierarchy) and using the 'Hide' option to hide certain products from the product list displayed in the rows and then the saved view has been published on the dashboard.

    So any idea on how our problem can be fixed?

    Thanks in advance.
  • It is hard to say exactly without seeing it, but if there is no filter applied (to the module, or in the export), then I would guess it has something to do with the pivot. Can you share, or describe the pivot you are working with, and where you have show/hide, select levels, or any kind of data selection in the view.



  • @jasonblinn 


    The pivot view and the levels to show have been selected as attached in the below image:

    Pivot View.JPGLevels to show.JPG 

     In addition to this certain brands have been hidden from the row and then the saved view has been created and the required view has been published on the dashboard.


    While taking out the export in multiple tabular format the levels which have been selected are only exported but the brands which have been hidden and the line items which are not shown in the saved view are also coming.


    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi @CommunityMember131357 ,



    I will suggest you to create separate same module with required line items to export the data.


    create one more module with P4 Brand Dimension and create one line item Boolean type set as true to create filter.


    When you will export apply this filter to the Tabular Multiple Column layout.


    Hope it will help you.




  • I just ran a similar test, and it seems to me like this only happens when the line items are pivoted to the columns. Are you able to pivot the export and see if it honors your filters then? I can't say that I can explain this one, just something that I noticed while attempting to re-create the error you are seeing.



  • @jasonblinn

    Yes, when I bring my line items to rows and export the data there is no trouble associated with it.

    But however, we do have other modules also created where we have line items in columns and are exporting the data in multiple tabular column format without any hassle.

    I am unable to find the problem associated with this.
  • Hi @CommunityMember131357 , I also encountered this issue however looks like this is how export works. Here we can find out how export works. If you look at "Module and dashboard export options" you can find out what supported options are and this situation "Show/hide or data filter with only line items on columns" there is no check with Tabular Multiple Column which means it is not supported. Once I tested this with additional items on columns (so line items is not the only item on columns) I got expected result (only filtered data was exported)
  • Hi @CommunityMember131357  you need to recreate the export action if you have changed the ealier saved view. If the export action is not recreated then the export will have the line items as per previous saved view.

  • Hi, 


    But how do I apply any filter to the view? I am facing an issue where I am applying filter - having the filter line item in different module with same dimensionality. And can not add those filter line items in the same module as I don't want them in the Export. So how do I apply the filters?

  • @Soumyajaiswal You can apply a filter to a tabular multiple column export in the configuration of the export. The filter can be in another module, but the line item needs to share the same dimensions as the module you are exporting from. See here for more info: