Calendar Display Requirement

I have users requesting a view in Anaplan to show comments in some sort of Calendar layout.  Different roles can enter comments in various places and I pull them all together but trying to display them is clunky at best.  Also not being able to wrap text makes the display of comments even more cumbersome.  Has anyone had a similar requirement?  Any ideas on how to present these?



  • @BrentOrr 

    Brent, well, the word wrap has been a long standing request - however, it is being considered for the roadmap. Make sure you give it an upvote so it continues to gain popularity.

    As for the display, I have never tried to make a calendar but I'm thinking you could create 6x2 set of grids (6 rows, 2 columns) in the new UX. Each grid would be a month. You'll need to give the line item plenty of room so if the comment is long it can be read. The New UX I think will look better than the classic.

    Anyway, just an idea.

  • Hi @BrentOrr ,


    You can create a Dummy list with 31 days and use a filter formula to show the number of days based on the current month.

    You can increase the size of the Comments column on the dashboard based on your requirement. 



    Let me know if this helps.