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I want to apply Conditional Formatting for one of the Version that is Variance not for line item so is it possible in anaplan ??

because we have only experienced to apply conditional Formatting on Line Items based on Values. 


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  • Yash1
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    Hi @PratyakshDua01 ,


    You can create a line item for Conditional formatting which is true only for the particular version you want to do conditional formatting and based on that you can do.





  • MaartenGijbels

    Hi @PratyakshDua01 ,


    You could create a separate line item do flag for formatting that is only filled in for that specific version. Then you could use that as the "Based on the values from".


    The exact details will be dependant on what you want to format and under what conditions. But it should get you started.


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  • Thanks for the information that was really helpful.

  • Misbah



    This is easily achievable by creating a line item which applies to Variance Version only.


    There is one more method which might be of great help to you- functionality called Compare least used functionality in Anaplan which will let you compare the values or differences from Previous Version or List Items or Time.


    In your case You can choose to compare your version with Previous Version or any Version of your choice.(Catch is that Anaplan will compare Current Version with Previous Version and also Previous Version with Previous - 1 Version) . For Example I have got three versions Actual, Forecast & Variance in the same order.  

    Step 1: Go to Module and Click on weighing scale option


    Step 2: Select the Option


    Output: It Compares Variance with Forecast and Forecast with Actual because that was the order of the versions.


    Note: Compare is WS admin feature. Read more on Anapedia


    Hope that helps