Finditem formula invalid


I am trying to use the FINDITEM formula for one of the line item in my module.

Following is the formula used: 

Organization Code LF = FINDITEM(OPSdb Site, Organization Code LF). Please refer the screenshots attached.

Any help would be appreciated.





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  • rob_marshall
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    @praba71 ,


    Why are you daisy-chaining the calculation, just use comp_reservation_details.Organaization Code as the second parameter.





  • Hi @praba71 ,


    Are you typing the formula?


    I'd add ' before and after the line item. Probably he just gets stuck with the ()'s in your LI-name.


    All the best,

  • I believe what you want to do is:

    FINDITEM(OPSdb SIte,'Organisation Code(source)')


    note the single quotes '

    If your line item/list name has a number or a special character, you will need to enclose it with single quotes.

  • @praba71 


    When you type in your formula make sure you activate the formula bar and write FINDITEM and then point and refer. Anaplan will automatically fill in all the necessary characters.



    Hope that helps




  • Hi @nathan_rudman @MaartenGijbels 

    Thanks for your response. I tried this formula. FINDITEM(OPSdb Site,’Organization Code (Source)’)

    But this is still giving me invalid error. 




  • hi @praba71 


    put the list name in single quotes 

    use finditem('list name', text line item)


  • Thanks @rob_marshall   It resolved the issue..