Referencing Line Item data (from module) to a general List in another module


Hello members,

Seeking a quick help from all.

I have a list 'Roles' which is being used to define different categories of roles in an organization (refer attachment 1. List - Roles).


In module 'Employee HC L1 (Actual+Forecast)', calculation for headcount is being done for each of these roles. However, the dimension in this module is only time and not role. Different line items have been typed out to associate each role as the calculation logic for each happens to be different (refer attachment 2. Headcount (Actual + Forecast)).


Now in a different module 'Fixed Salary', i want to reference the line items from first module with each list item of 'Roles'. The dimensions being used here are Roles and Time.


I understand one way of doing so can be using Line Item Subsets. Wanted to know a better way.

Please advise. 



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  • einas.ibrahim
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    1. I was just wondering if you can go either with the list or the line item subset consistently.

    2. It seems you already used a mapping module to link the line items to the list members.

    The approach you used is OK, I'd just be careful to always make sure the LIS is synched with the Roles list. 




  • hello @yagupta 

    May I ask why did you choose to have an independent Roles list and then line items representing the list. I understand you said the calculation is different, but what is the aversion to just go with the line item subset? 

    Is the difference in HC calculations between the versions, or it's between one role and another?
    In the latter case, can these differences be handled by adding a mapping module? this way you can use the native roles list and avoid the Line Items subset.

  • yagupta
    Hello @einas.ibrahim

    Thank you for your reply.

    1. An independent Roles list is being used as it is being used in various other modules. Using roles as list would ease the work.

    2. The difference in Headcount calculation is unique for each role. Hence I used unique line items for each role in module 'Employee HC L1 (Actual+Forecast)'. Hence its the later case.

    3. I am not sure how to go about using the mapping module?

    For the time being, I have created a Line Item Subset 'Subset: Roles' for module 'Employee HC L1 (Actual+Forecast)', picking each relevant role values. This was then mapped to each role in list 'Roles' (Properties>> using subset list as format). This way I could collect all the relevant values in 'Fixed Salary' module using list Roles as one dimension.

    It would be great if you could guide me with best practice around this.
  • yagupta

    Sure. WIll note syncing part.

    Thanks a lot.