Transportation Planning


I am looking for a standard demo or Model for transportation planning published by Anaplan which is accesible to all. 

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    Can you please be specific what are you looking for? Are you looking for Optimization Model where you want to see how the transportation costs can be optimized in Anaplan

  • Yes.
    Also generating Lane / Load / Vehicle planning based on source sink and shipment parameters.
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    I don't think there is any model readily available that can suffice your needs but here is a draft which walks you through Anaplan Optimizer and its features/capabilities.


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  • Thanks much for this guide. I think i will be able to use it to create what i need.
    Is it possible for me to download the exercise model so i can understand the back end links. Can you point me to the model link or if it is on apphub.
  • Hi Ruchir,

    Optimizer is not an app in the app hub. It is an action (Settings -> Actions) that is available. You will have to use the guide shared by Misbah to create the underlying calculations and modules on your own as there is no preconfigured app (yet)

  • Yes i understand.
    I was able to download the model for the Optimizer exercise and both the guides. i think i now have most if not all information i need to build the transportation model. Thanks for all the help.